Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2011

Tree Process

This drawing was used in a commercial for a new kind of pencil. I did an animated .gif to show the process.

Character Concepts

These are soome character concepts for an animated imagefilm. I was told to do 2 rather realistic looking dudes and two more cartoonish alternative versions of them. I'm curious what style they will go for.

Random Doodles

Some Storyboard Stuff

This is from a storyboard I did in the recent past. Since this is still in development, I won't release names or titles.


Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2011

MADE Symposium Pencils

Exactly one year ago I attended the MADE Symposium hosted by Marko Djurdjewic's SIXMOREVODKA Studio. It has been a very inspiring and instructive event. More of that please!

Football Mascot

This was a concept for a football macot for the 2010 Football WM in South Africa. As you may know, it didn't evolve out of concept-stage ;) The idea was a little critter (like "Scrat" from Ice Age) which is obsessed with protecting/hiding his very own football.

Here's the marquette that was made. cool stuff!

New Stuff

Hey ho boys and girls. Some new/old stuff to update the blog a bit. I won't comment on my long time absence though. Starting with a few speedpaintings for fun.